Monday, 24 September 2012

September Update on Crested Geckos

Here are some pictures of the babies from the August , in the same order! Again, no changes to the photos apart from some cropping.

Red crested gecko with tail pattern (now reserved):

tiger crested gecko with chevron patterning and tail pattern (not fired up):

flame with reduced patterning (not fired up):

tiger/brindle crested gecko, really nice and chunky little one:

flame crested gecko with great structure, unfortunately it's cage mate ate its tail :( still gorgeous though and one of this years best:

the offending black and white crested cage mate:

 And finally, the two older 7 month old crested geckos that hatched out black and white, neither were fired up today. You can't tell because of the flash bouncing off them, but they are very light in colour and quite transparent when fired down, you can see all the veins etc. weird!:

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