Saturday, 13 October 2012

October Crested Gecko Update!! August crested gecko babies now for sale

Ok, so we have had a few more geckos hatch!

First, another run through the older crested gecko hatchlings, again same order as before :)

red crested gecko with tail pattern (sold):

chevron patterned tiger crested gecko (£35):

flame with reduced patterning, another which has unfortunately had its tail eaten by its clutch mate :( dont know why they are doing this, not had it happen before... (for sale £40)

tiger/brindle crested gecko (sold):

flame crested gecko, again you can really see how nice the structure is, just think this is such a nicely marked little crestie too (£35 - bargain for this one):

black and white crested gecko (not for sale):

 Pretty little flame crested gecko (now sold):

 funky little bicolour crested, check out the head stripes! (£45):

another cool flame crested gecko (£45):

Gorgeous crested geckos for sale!!!

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