Sunday, 28 July 2013


Not posted many pics of Flint for a while. I got him out today and he was a bit miss-fired, looked funky :) Here he is:

Alaban's Sister For Sale

Chunklet is Alabans clutchmate and full sister to all the greys. If the grey trait is heritable recessive, she has 66.66% chance of carrying the gene.

Not to mention she is a total babe. Chocolate flame with portholes. Alaban unfortunately decided to eat her tail...

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Pics in the sun

hope you are all enjoying the weather too!

Alaban's sister Chunklet:

Some new babies:

Indi in the sun:

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Geckos for sale! All related to my black and white geckos

All of these geckos are great eaters and are shedding well. Fed a diet of Repashy, Pangea fruit mix and Big Fat Gecko Diet and eating all 3 like they are going out of fashion!

Here we have a really well marked orange tiger with nicely defined wide striping. Hatched in March (see March post for hatchling photos) and now weighing 8grams. No pores showing yet, so probable female though not guaranteed at this weight. Same sire as my black and white/grey geckos. If the trait proves to be heritable as recessive then this gecko has a 25% chance of carrying it. Not to mention that she is stunning in her own right! Grey tiger would be awesome though...

This gecko is a nice flame with good contrast. Hatched in March (see March post for hatchling photos) and now weighing 7grams.

I am not sure what to call Minky's morph, I guess a chocolate brindle with very subtle markings. Very intriguing to look at 'in the flesh'. Hatched in March (see March post for hatchling photos) and now weighing 9grams.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

First monochrome baby of 2013, proudly introducing Indi (after Indium)

black and white crested gecko
Black and White crested gecko straight after hatching

and later today, dramatic colour change already...
grey crested gecko
Grey Crested Gecko 12 hours after hatching

Friday, 5 July 2013

99 days and here they are!

This little flame is Titan's baby

As is this dude
And this little spot headed guy is Geronimo's kid, it's clutchmate hasn't made an appearance yet

 So these guys are all brand new!

These little beauts hatched in March, they have grown so much:




and lastly, some shots of Lias. Because she is awesome and she looks like a white crested gecko here :) :

and i took a pic of Alaban today, he looks cute and handsome so here he is:

And Flint: