Tuesday, 3 December 2013

It's been a while....

since i updated the blog. I tend to post pictures and updates more to my facebook page now:
Grey Crested Geckos, so take a look and 'like' the page. The facebook page is the first place I will be posting information on any geckos for sale.

I am going to just pop some pics on here now which have been taken since the last page update some time ago.

thanks for stopping by :)

Proud Mum - Aspen

 The Daddy - Esperanza

And Indi!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Here are some videos of the geckos I took today in the garden. Please excuse my lousy camera skills, it's not easy with only one hand for the camera and one for the geckos you know!

Youngest hatchling:

youngest hatchling with sibling:


Morph and Indi:


Sunday, 28 July 2013


Not posted many pics of Flint for a while. I got him out today and he was a bit miss-fired, looked funky :) Here he is:

Alaban's Sister For Sale

Chunklet is Alabans clutchmate and full sister to all the greys. If the grey trait is heritable recessive, she has 66.66% chance of carrying the gene.

Not to mention she is a total babe. Chocolate flame with portholes. Alaban unfortunately decided to eat her tail...