Saturday, 20 October 2012

October update number 2!!

Just because! Here are some more pictures of the geckos. 3 went to there new homes last weekend, so obviously no photos of them, but the remaining geckos are in the same order as before... Again, no alterations have been made to the photos in terms of their colour, they have only been cropped.

Cute little tiger, great colours 'in person' (sold):

great little flame crested, lovely reduced patterning and great warm base colour, love this one. really laid back too, great little character (£40):

 Still the best of the bunch this year in terms of structure, this flame crested gecko has a great contrasting pattern (sold!):

 little tail eating demon!! Black and white crested gecko (not for sale):

 little red bicolour (£45):

Flame crested gecko, heavily patterned dorsal, really cool! (£40):
 and its sibling, almost identical, but fired down here:

Older grey crested gecko that hatched out black:

Some of the parents NOT FOR SALE!! Aspen (female) goes from this colour to a beautiful red:

And this is Titan, she fires up to almost black with these great orange tinged markings:

And this is the daddy, Esperanza, a lovely blonde male with some great chunky structure:

That's all for today, message me if you are interested in any of the crested geckos for sale.


Saturday, 13 October 2012

October Crested Gecko Update!! August crested gecko babies now for sale

Ok, so we have had a few more geckos hatch!

First, another run through the older crested gecko hatchlings, again same order as before :)

red crested gecko with tail pattern (sold):

chevron patterned tiger crested gecko (£35):

flame with reduced patterning, another which has unfortunately had its tail eaten by its clutch mate :( dont know why they are doing this, not had it happen before... (for sale £40)

tiger/brindle crested gecko (sold):

flame crested gecko, again you can really see how nice the structure is, just think this is such a nicely marked little crestie too (£35 - bargain for this one):

black and white crested gecko (not for sale):

 Pretty little flame crested gecko (now sold):

 funky little bicolour crested, check out the head stripes! (£45):

another cool flame crested gecko (£45):

Gorgeous crested geckos for sale!!!