Friday, 17 August 2012

August crested gecko hatchlings!!!

Hopefully this blog will help me to keep track of which geckos hatch when, as i am awful at keeping a calendar...

Here are August's hatchlings, all looking very pretty :)

the only editing done to these photos is a crop, no colour adjustment. Look at the tails on the first two geckos. interesting pattern...

patternless crested gecko, hope this one stays looking nice and vibrant

crested gecko tail pattern

tiger crested gecko with really interesting chevron patterning in the dorsal area

crested gecko tail pattern

flame crested gecko, really nice reduced patterning

flame crested gecko

tiger/brindle crested gecko - really interesting patterning, quite orange when fired :)

flame crested gecko - one of my favourites, great contrast and structure

partial pinstripe black and white crested gecko:

black and white crested gecko

and finally, one of last years babies which hatched out black. Looking a bit grey and boring at the moment, but still very much in the 'ugly duckling' phase, so still not sure what this will look like as an adult.

6 months old:

as a hatchling:

another baby that hatched very dark:

black and white crested geckos together:

lastly, another black and white crested baby that hatched out early this year with much more pattern. sadly this little one did not make it. seemed like a nice strong hatchling, I will never be sure why he/she died as I was out of the country at the time for work and left it with a very competent carer. it's an awful experience when any animal dies, I am naturally gutted... it's clutch mate was fine and had no problems.

black and white crested gecko
Black and white crested gecko

the top 5 geckos in this post will be available to buy in early October.

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