Monday, 18 March 2013

Grey Geckos Photos

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Hey all, we have had our first 2 geckos of 2013 hatch out. None have hatched out black and white yet this year, and none of the greys are up to weight for breeding this year. The main focus of breeding my groups in 2013 is to determine which of my females is laying the eggs which hatch out black and white. This will help me with future breeding plans.

Here are the photos, i've tried to separate out the 3 geckos, but the oldest 2 are quite similar so I may have mixed them up a bit...

I also tried to get them in roughly chronological order but they may be a bit jumbled again.

the photos show the geckos both fired up and fired down.

Oldest Gecko of the group:

Second oldest:

Oldest 2 together:

Youngest gecko of the group:

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  1. Are you still not selling the black and white gecko or have you bred him by now and produced more black and white ones? If so how much would you sell them for? Thank you for your time.